Come Take a Walk with Me!

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It was a beautiful city. The very best part of going to Russia was that when all the white stuff went away it was green as anything all over the place. Everything went from narrow little icy paths to wide green walkways. Flowers in the trees and in gardens all over the place. The river in the middle of the city went from icy blur as I went by on the bus to large, gorgeous place where older men play chess and large fountains make rainbows. Only lacking in puppies and kittens, right? Well, it was my favorite place in the city. q8

q6 q9q7   q10 q11 q13 q14 q15 q16

I wasn’t wrong about the rainbows, was I? There’s a bridge over the river that has a dam in it and forms a bit of a lake, seen in the last pic. It’s called Plotinka. If you follow the river down a little bit, you come here:

oblisk4oblisk5oblisk6This is the circus. We were going there once but then there was this Alice in Wonderland play that, from the flyer, looked really good. But it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be; we should have gone to the circus.

Let’s go back to Plotinka. The other way this time. Movie theater:q

The church on the blood, where Tsar Nicolas and his family were killed (think: Anastasia):


A cute outdoor theater:


q4 q3Plotinka again. One of those really big churches near the Town Hall:

oblisk2oblisk3 Farther down towards my apartment:

militarySomething to do with the military, according to my husband. Continuing on:

oblisk1 obliskThat last place was a monument for veterans and always had a fire going in front of it. Walking to Raduga Park from my apartment:

dom15 dom16 dom8Small detour to see some domiki (small wooden houses):

dom13 dom1domdom2dom4dom12dom3 dom11 dom10 dom9     Walking back home:


One last point before we get there, if you’ve been walking in summertime down a  beautiful sidewalk like this…dom5

…you’re going to see a bunch of stuff like this…dom6 dom7It’s a bunch of fluffy stuff between cotton and dandelion fuzz. It falls from the trees like snow. It’s cool. So now that we’ve walked a few miles through the city, maybe you get an idea of how pretty it is when it’s warm. I had about a week after my classes were over (more on that soon) and got to go for long walks during the day while the kids were in school.


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